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o.k., 1st, so happy to see you *light* up in my bloglines.....(finally figured that out) :) Glad to see you are doing GREAT! A new home!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It looks awesome! You and your tummy look like the perfect size to me.....and wow have you been busy!!! LOVE all of your baby projects!!! I too had a tough time in the ribbon dept for the matinee....I LOVE the ribbon tied dress.....and that campbell, well she is just too cute for words!


You look lovely and just right for where you are with this little one. I had people asking me if I was having twins with Colten! How did the cotton twist work with the sails hat? I have the pattern, and thought to do it in Heirloom easy care, but I'm looking at other options for fear of wool being too warm for June and beyond, not that the stinker I make the hats for is actually wearing them!


Wow, congratulations on the house! How exciting! :)
And look at all those marvelous kid knits . . . so sweet. I know it's a loooong way for you to go, but I found the perfect ribbon for my Matinee at The Button Emporium in downtown Portland. *And I'm totally laughing that my yarn is the same color as yours! I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done.


glad to have you back, and congrats on the new house!!! how exciting!
campbell looks darling in her sweater, even with the tatoo. she looks like quite the trendy gal!
the matinee jacket is amazing, what a lucky little lady your friend's baby will be!
and don't despair about the questions and comments regarding your belly. maybe you can wear a t shirt everyday that says how far along you are and yes, there is a long way to go- but what good is pregnancy if you cannot gain weight and eat some of the more fun less diet friendly foods in the world!


Hey Friend,
Welcome back. All the excitement of the new house and you still knit like 15 items.. Aaaamazing.. I have had a terrible tummy thing for like the last 72 hours so I have been down for the count. Not a great place to be with a house full of boys.. Let's just say we won't post photos.. hehehe
CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh by the way WHEN ARE YOU DUE.. (chuckle, laugh, giggle). Do you think I got sick cause I was irritated with HOME DEPOT? YIKES..


Sarah, your house looks lovely and glad to see your doing (s)well!


So glad to see you back here blogging! I've missed you! You look wonderful, and so does the house. And your knitting projects are great too. I'm so glad you got the house~

New adventures all around!


Mazel tov! Yay!

So Much Fun

You are amazing! You look lovely, your house looks perfect and look at all the knitting you have done! and CK looks so grown up! I miss you, I have been out of town, but will have to stop by...


Sarah, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was great to hear from you. Congratulations on the house! It's beautiful. And you're so cute, with that baby tummy and all.

I love your knitting. My daughter and I are trying to learn, but we're still hung up on casting on. Good grief...

Be blessed! Reese (Darice)

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