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By the way, YOU ROCK for re-charting the squares. I don't mind that it was not ORIGINALLY intended to make our lives easier. BUT I am soooooo glad you did..
I only have 1/2 of my first Mother's Day gift done. Unless, I gift the entralac scarf then I would be 1/2 way through 2..hmmmm What is a girl to do?


I must agree with Destiny, your charting of the squares really does rock!!! I'm sure the rest of us (not including Donna of the only 1 square to go) agree that we would be lost without you.


Oh this afghan is exactly what I've been looking for as a wedding present for my daughter! I'm ordering a copy of the book right now! Wish I could be in the class so that I could get some of the reworked charts too! Oh well.

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