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Oh, my goodness, just LOOK at those baby blues! She's gorgeous. :)


Some very lovely knits! The scarf is one of my faves and the hat you knit for you and your daughter. I guess I really loved them all. Have you dug yourselves out yet?


Thank you for including me on your list. I am blushing over here. :)


look at those blue eyes! gorgeous! thanks for the shout out! and thanks for sharing your faves, i might have to add to my own favorites after i check these out!
for inspiration- try looking around flickr. it is additctive! seeing what people eat, craft, knit, and decorate their homes with is SO inspiring!


awww! you are too sweet............thank you!
you were one of the first blogs i ever read sarah.....YOU really make MY day!!! :)
mallory rose is just precious!

Octopus Knits

I agree, what lovely blue eyes!

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog -- I agree that there's so much inspiration out there in blogland (and here, on your blog!). If only I could keep up with it all (I'm really behind, too!) - it boggles the mind : )

I love all the hats and scarves you've been making - so colorful! The crocheted Karaoke hat is especially cute... and that's some snow you had there!

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