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So so so so so so so cute! when i see things like this, it makes me wish i had a baby to knit for! i love the dress and the colors combo is perfect!


What an adorable dress!! On an adorable baby! Right now I can only knit for boys... my hanai peeps better have a girl next!


How cute is your baby? I just can't believe she is so big already. I remember looking at that dress on the chair at the shop. Thinking Awww!! How sweet. Now look at her..
Okay enough of the mush and gush..
I am ready for the sock (club-a-thon) challenge to begin. I am on pedicure sock set #2 and baby sock (practice) mode. Let's DO IT!!


that is the MOST adorable little dress i have ever seen!!!!!
and mallory! ahhh!!!!! those eyes!!! gorgeous.


Mallory is getting so big! I love the dress.

girl friday

Seeing these pics of Mals just made my day -- what a stinking BEAUTY she is!!! and yes, getting so big. makes me miss you guys even more! great job on the dress, so adorable!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

What a wonderful dress! Just adorable. I especially love the ribbon. Too bad I only have boys. Sigh.

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