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SARAH..they are so adorable! They DO look like a frilly skirt for each leg. I see Campbell gave them a good test play. :-)




Too cute!!!!! I wish the pattern went to my size!!


Oh, she liked them!! Hooray! :) They're super cute, btw--no wonder she couldn't resist. Great idea about the skirts for each leg. Ha,ha,ha!


wow, that was fast! i love the colors, pink and green- my fave combo! and campbell looks so over the top happy, i love it!


oh, i so wish i could make these for libby!!!
they are adorable sarah. and look so darn cute on campbell!


Oh, those turned out so CUTE! I have been eyeing that pattern for my little girl as well. I also love the colors.

maria getoff

Curious what you make of these instructions from the pattern:

Decrease Round: [K2tog, k to 2 sts before marker, ssk] twice. 4 sts decreased.
K 4 rounds.
Repeat these 5 rounds 3 times more. 112[112, 116, 124] sts.

If I [K2tog, k to 2 sts before marker, ssk] twice, then K 4 rounds, isn't that a total of 6 rounds, not 5?

Doesn't "[K2tog, k to 2sts before marker, ssk] twice" mean to knit two rounds, which when you add 4 k rounds, equals 6? Thank you!

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