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Those look like a skirt in disguise...maybe thats why she likes them? I was the same way as a kid. No pants, jeans, shorts, or the like Except at summer camp because the camp wouldn't let me come with only skirts :(


I am so excited someone is knitting those. I want to but what I cannot knit fast enough, my 3 year old will not wear once it's finished. My mantra - do not knit for 3 year olds. They are very fickle.

Octopus Knits

Those will be so cute - I'm sure she'll wear them!


Ooohhh, those are cute! Good luck! :)


they are so cute im sure shell love them...


I'm not sure how old Campbell is but if she is three or four, the no pants rule becomes the pants only rule at five.

Both my daughters wore dresses only for two years. Woke up one day and started wearing pants. The trick is to make her think she is wearing a skirt with two holes in it.

Good luck. I wish I had a little girl to make these for. Only boys left in child sizes.


i sure hope she wears them because they are so darn cute!

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