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i can't believe those cherries! heaven, i say.


What a nice tradition. Those cherries look tasty! I wish I lived close to the shop because I would take you up on the samples. The picture of your daughters is adorable!


That is a great tradition! The girls are so cute. And Mallory actually looks very much like my sister did at her age in that last picture!

I might need to make a trek to KAH for some of those cherries! And more yarn, of course ;)


It looks like fun even though I can say that cherries are my least favorite fruit.


Wow! Mallory's hair is really turning blonde! Though both of your girls look so cute surrounded by cherries!


Yum! I can't believe how big she is getting!


Ah, love the cherry photos! I grew up in Idaho in an orchard valley that primarily grew cherries. Living in Boston now, I miss the cherry harvest season. Your photos made me happy. Nothing is sweeter than an adorable baby in a trailer full of cherries.

De-lurking, finally,

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