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Cute, and looks really comfy. I really like the buttons you picked.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

It is beautiful! Good job saving it. I made the mistake of trying to undo a seam in lace with the scissors in a recent FO. The result is still stuffed behind my sofa, waiting for me to get up the courage to take a closer look at the resultant mess.


It looks great on you! Scary about the scissors, glad you solved it. :)


Beautiful! Glad is survived the scissors! Am so gonna go find this pattern...


Eek! The thought of scissors close to my knitting gives me the heebie jeebies.

Your finished sweater looks fantastic, though, so clearly whatever you did worked! Looks like it'll be a great curl-up-and-get-cozy sweater.


ha... you are BRAVE! it looks fantastic sarah!


OMG!! That's it! Penny and I are going to buy yarn at lunch!! We've seen this in the mag but didn't like it so much ase we do on you! You should have modeled it for Vogue!!


Hi from London Heathrow on my longgggggg journey home from the beautiful country of Ireland, where I bought 20 50g balls of Kilcara tweed in guess what- red! and some Kilcara heather in blue- duh!

I love the sweater and am sorry I was not there to provide support during this troublesome time. Looking forward to seeing you and "the girls" as they are so loving referred to. 2 flights down, 2 to go....



gorgeous sweater. and i can't believe you took scissors to it! you are much braver than i am.

kathy b

IT is adorable. I can see why you love it. New to your blog and loving it!

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