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Yamma Mamma

Love these! Yea for crochet!


Congrats on the win over USC! That was an awesome game & how cool that you were actually there! :)
How is Campbell liking school? Aaron loves it and *gasp* rides the bus! He catches it as 7:40, so I sympathize with the getting up early thing. None of us are early birds, so it has taken some getting used to.
Here's to a fabulous fall!

Kelli Matthews

Even though you're a Beavs fan, we're glad you're also a Laurel Hill fan! Thanks for the shout out. Did you know we're based in Eugene?

Kelli Matthews
Laurel Hill Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks
(Go Ducks!)

s. flowers

just wanted to say that Jason makes a very cute model and sure helps sell the hat

boutique de laine

I think,everyone can wear these beautiful hats.very good thinkgs.thank you very much for informing to me .good work :)


please tell me how do you assemble the hat?!?!?!


I am getting ready to assemble mine now. And I agree - those Laurel Hill hooks are AMAZING!!! Best money I've ever spent. :)

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