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the raspberry looks great!! I can't believe you have finished that already... didn't we just talk about that yesterday???? kelly

Patricia, OM

Arrgh! I'm still bogged down on Botanica & Toe the Line.

Actually I have the pattern and plan to make one for my mom. Glad to see it looks so nice.

(I like your cheesy pictures the best.)


Oh, you look great! You have a wonderful smile. Hey, thanks for passing on this quick knit. I totally need this right now...I'm trudging through a boring slog of a sock (a man's no less, and huge), and need to accomplish something, if you know what I mean.
Very pretty color


Oh my gosh...my next project!


It looks great! and Happy Birthday to the girls! I am sad that I missed their special day, but we will have to have a celebration when I get back....hugs to Malsy & Campbellina!


Happy Birthday to the girlies! This is birthday season for us, too. Everett and Brian were a few weeks ago and Aaron is next Saturday. Whew!
*Cardi is fab, btw!


Wow, this yarn is unbelievably soft - Sarah's sweater feels like it has cashmere in it! I want to make one in the orangy-red color.


So cute!


Love your cardi and the color. I still can't find the pattern anywhere so I'm thinking of winging it. Wish me luck I really love it.
Thanks for sharing.

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