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I know where you are...go outside and enjoy the daylight, it must be about 18 hours a day. We're all doing great. Nicloe is just selling her little heart out and I'm sure the girls are fine. After all, your mom did a good job with you! Enjoy! Teri

Patricia, OM

Beacon Rock?

I was starting to worry that you had forgotten us.

Nichole got her first one of my "stupid question" calls. Which she answered splendidly, even through several scoffing snorts from my end of the line. She was so right on that I am almost at the halfway mark on Toe the Line Edging. Bet you're having more fun than that! ;)


Dahlin' you're not in Georgia, that's for sure! Thanks, Patricia for filling me in!
Sarah, I am about halfway through knitting the summer cardigan you modeled recently, in white. I am thinking of softening the lower edges from square to rounded, and finishing it off with a crocheted edge, for a softer look. I'll send you a picture when it's done!
Eleanor Craig

Patricia, OM

Eleanor - I'm being a smarty pants with my Beacon Rock remark. Sarah is WAAAY further away than that.

I'm within 20 stitches of the half way mark on Toe the Line, and YEEK! I've dropped a stitch. There are no words in old Entish or Elvish to describe the words I want to scream at that one poor quavering little stitch.

But don't worry Sarah! I'm saving it until you get back.

Patricia, OM

Woo-Hoo!!! Toe the Line is done. I took it outside, turned the hose on it, and then hung (hanged?) it up on the clothes line.

Oh dear, look at all the boo-boo's... but it's still beautiful, and the water drops look like shimmering beads.

I've cast on the baby bolero in the organic cotton, that yarn is almost too yummy. :)

Karen McCaslin

In the western US at a university perhaps looking at colleges for a child? Looks like a football field.

Patricia, OM

Sarah, Are you OK? Have you been kidnapped by Trolls or Elves?

I've finished the Baby Bolero, and no Sarah to tell me why one side looks different from the other. *smirk* And the dropped stitch is still dropped...

If Louhi, mistress of the North Farm* has taken you hostage, I'll tie a brightly colored yarn to a tree for her to release you.
*Icelandic childrens tale - The Magic Mill by Joanna Troughton

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