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What amazing pictures! Love the socks too. May need to have you add that to the pile with my name on it.


It looks like maybe you SSK'ed where the pattern said K2tog and vice versa? (FWIW, your decreases look better to me than the ones shown in the pics in the book.)



You did the decreases leaning the opposite ways?
Since it is consistent, it is a "design feature". :o)

I have not knit the sweater but I can see the decreases going the "wrong" way. Better say: the other way :D Lovely!


I had a hard time noticing, probably because I'm still an intermediate type knitter and not critical at all (it makes me love my fo's when maybe they should be unloved), but I can see the reversed decreases as others have pointed out. I'm making one, and my decreases are all holey, so I think you're onto something. I hope mine'll block out. All sins can be fixed with blocking, right?


Wow! Those beach shots are beautiful! Maybe one should be your Christmas Card photo! Your bubble sweater is gorgeous.


hey sarah..just seeing if my blog would come up now. my hubby tried to help, and i think messed up my blog! ahhh


yes it looks like you reversed the ssks and k2togs. but i like it better your way. the malabrigo is pretty!

So Much Fun

Roid, your photography skillz are AMAZING you have been taking the best photos lately, YOWZA!


To be honest, who cares if you didn't follow the pattern exactly (by accident or otherwise)! It looks great on you and I love the buttons and the yummy yarn!


I don't see any mistakes-I see a gorgeous handknit sweater! BTW, the pictures on your blog are amazing.


It looks like you reversed the decreases, but it's really not noticeable at all. It took me a while to find it. Overall, the sweater is really cute! I still can't even decide which pattern from the book I want to knit...


Your Bubble sweater is beautiful. A note about the sleeves: I love Norah Gaughan, but her sleeves for all but the small sizes are often quite narrow. (For example, I would usually knit a sweater with a 48" finished bust, which would commonly have sleeves that are 16-18" wide. Hers are often 13-14" wide.) Just something to take note of and plan for if you kniit any of her other designs: check the sleeve width! :)

Also, re. the decreases, they look really lovely the way you did them.

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