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Wow, what a great sweater! I love the colors and that orange zipper sets it off just right. Nice work. :)


Hello completed man sweater. I am sooooo glad my DH does not blog stalk like me or I would never hear the end of it. Guess I better stop finding more projects and finish his sweater. You inspire me!!!!

Sarah C

That is a beaut! Love the zipper color choice, and the fit looks perfect! Now we know your secret - just remember to "block the crap out of" all our projects ~ ;)


That looks awesome!! Love the pop of the orange zipper...........great job!

girl friday

Wow Sarah! you are a rockstar! :) much to catch up on -- happy blogiversary! and such fun news on the baby front -- a baby sister for Campbell, how lovely. true, you knocked the name game outta the park with Campbell good luck on #2! you guys will come up with something great, look how creative you are! the sweater looks great on Jason, he's right out of J Crew. love it! wish i could come visit you soon so you could teach me to knit! am i allowed to blog when i can't even knit? maybe i shouldn't admit to that... it is a goal of mine though. :) happy knitting!

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