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Well aren't you just the FO MASTAH!!.. I feel like I make good progress on my little ol' finished objects. Then like a flash of lighting SARAH finishes two to my one.. Aww!! I do have to say I think you need to BLESS the Pipi sock with a mate.


Hmmmm, that sock sure is awesome--but if you're not inspired to make another one, maybe you should let it sit for awhile. Of course, being 30+ weeks, that "awhile" may turn out to be a loooooong while! *grin*


I haven't been on top of your blog lately, so I am glad to read it again. I can't imagine a pregnancy and a move to contend with.

The pippi stocking is awesome, looks like a real hair puller. And I wouldn't have noticed the toe unless you brought it up. Maybe just a mirror beside it until you get to a second ;—)

And thank you for the hair compliment, if only it always looked like that.

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