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Thanks for the pictures, Sarah! Mallory is so beautiful. I hope you are feeling well. Take care of mommy as well as the little chicks. (That was hugely funny about the labor thoughts--sounds familiar. Isn't sock knitting just the best,though? How can we help it?)


She is so CUTE! Campbell is the perfect model. Vonnie's bunny project turned out FABULOUS. Keep up the good work mommy. You are doing great.. See you soon..


Thank you for the picture of Mallory with her hat on. Does she need more hats? I'm headed down that way next weekend (June 28th) and I have some time to knit more for her if she needs them. :) And I have a pair of disgustingly cute baby socks for her too that I hope will fit.


Little Mallory is adorable. Do you think she will end up with hair like Campbell's?


don't fret about the "uninspired" pictures, i think as a mom of two kids (one of them being less than a month old!) it is amazing you are able to post at all!
i hope you and mallory are recovering from the prolonged stay...i know my patients all view a delayed discharge as either a vacation from being a mom at home, or a horrible imprisonment.
thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful family!


where to start? your pictures are all inspiring as are your words.. how do you find the time to do it all. thank you for sharing and {hugs} to the whole family. i'm very glad to hear all are doing well.


Very sweet photos. The fact that you are knitting still is inspiring. Glad to hear things are improved and you are able to be home.


Awwww...Mallory is looking at you with such love in that top shot! We have yet to get a picture of Everett smiling, dang it. :)


welcome home and thanks for sharing the all the pics with us! mallory is so beautiful.


Hope you are all settled at home! I know it takes time.....great to take time to knit too! I rememeber breast feeding and knitting.....it was my perfect time to get in a few rows! :) (only knitters can relate)
Malory is beautiful as is Campbell!
Enjoy every minute!

shelly d

welcome home! thanks for letting us peek at your adorable bundle of joy.

Sheri (Cheri Pake) Houser

Sarah!!!!!! Congratulations to you and Jason. Both of your children are beautiful. Hugs to you and a great big HI to your parents and Jen ~~~Sheri


Oh I love the family shots and your album. Welcome home! You have become quite the sock machine, I am very impressed. Take care of yourself and your fab family!

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