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Congratulations Sarah, Jason, and big sis! Adorable photo of the sisters. And Happy Birthday to Campbell! :-)


Congratulations All! Campbell is so adorable. What a sweet little Mallory shot too.


Congratulations! Mallory is adorable and Campbell looks like she's going to be a great big sister!


thank you for sharing her with us! she is an angelic little beauty. i love the name too, so classic and you hardly ever hear that name- it actually reminds me of a series i was addicted to called the babysitter's club and one of the sitters was named mallory! that was when i was 11 and have not heard the name since! lovely. and of course campbell is gorgeous as always!


Yea! Welcome to the world, Mallory! It's great to be a Junebug. Mine, my Mom's (June 5!) and my oldest daughter Emily's BD's are in June. Take care, all of you!


Congrats to you and your family! What a beautiful name for another beautiful little girl. You are blessed.

Sharon Lamvik

Congratulations to all of you - what a great family. My "baby" has a June birthday as well - he'll be 35 June 26 :-)
My, how time flies!!


Congrats! She is adorable and I love her name!


Congratulations Keller family! Mallory is a great name - it reminds me of Family Ties.


Happy birthday, Cambell! Welcome to the light, Mallory!


congrats and blessings to mum, lil sis, big sis, and of course dad! and a happy birthday too!


Happy Birthday to Campbell! I am sure she is going to be an awesome big sister! Mallory is adorable. I can't wait to meet her in person.


Very excited for you all. What a beautiful name to fit a beautiful baby.


Oh my gosh! Mallory is precious!
Congratulations to the Keller crew! What a wonderful new addition.


I'm so happy for all of you!!! What adorable girls you have! Speaking as the mom of two girls myself, you are very very blessed with two lovely daughters.

Thanks for letting us know!!


Congrats from London Heathrow! I knew she would arrive while I was gone! She's just perfect. Can't wait to see you all!


Saroid, I am crying over your news. I am so happy for you and your family! and what a beautiful name. You take care of yourself and then keep us posted!


Happy birthday Campbell and Mallory! They are both adorable. Congratulations to you and Jason!

shelly d

Welcome to this world. Mallory is just beautiful. Congrats to the whole family. June 4th is a great day....that's my birthday :)


Yea!!! Congratulations on the gorgeous new member of your family! I'm glad you're all doing well!


Congratulations! The girls look so sweet together. :) I have been a bit behind on reading blogs, so I just found out last night at Powell's when I talked to Chrissy and Yvonne. I'm so excited for you!


Congratulations!! Another baby knitwear model is born! That looks like one very happy big sister!

Holly of HollYarns

Congratulations! How fun to have the two siblings birthdays right next to each other!

girl friday

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome little Ms. Mallory, can't wait to meet you! (You guys came up with another great name!) So glad to hear that everyone is doing well and Happy Birthday to Campbell -- great pictures and can't wait to see more! Enjoy this amazing time.... love from Wisconsin


Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!



Both my husband and neice where born on June 4th. It seems to be a popular date. Mallory is a pretty name for a pretty baby. Are we going to see her modeling knits in the future?


Congratulations to all of you:)

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