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OMG!! Friend I think we may have your cousin on the prayer chain at church. Not many 15-17 yr old boys in the local area. I will keep praying. This disease hits close to home for me. Nice project progress too.


I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. It just has been a crazy summer all around this year.


both socks are great...i love both colorways! aplastic anemia is a tough diagnosis...i hope that the prayer shawl can work its magic and help his family find some comfort...


Very sorry about the bad news. I am sending my positive thoughts to you family.


I am so sorry about your cousin; how wonderful of you to make a shawl for his mom, too, not to mention the socks for him. I'm sure your love and care went into every stitch.


My SIL was diagnoised with that disease almost ten years ago. She had experimental equine antigen theraphy at the National Institute of Health, today she is in remission and has two children. Do not give up hope, treatments are available.


Oh, I will keep you and your cousin in my thoughts!
The shawl is lovely, and so sweet.......

Adorable socks for campbell!

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