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ooh!! what will this beautiful yarn become? i think your sweater was pretty, but i agree those shoulders are difficult to fit.

what fun on dye night! i so wish i could come crash your party. :)


I remember that green sweater. You were knitting it when I first starting coming into the store.


that yarn is so wonderful, BOTH batches! what a fun get together! cannot wait to see how the dolar and a half looks when it is all done!


You folks had so much fun! I wanna come to the next dye night!!


Thanks for the blog comment. After this weekend, it was so nice to come home to something NICE. I am re-thinking who I have in my bubble. Nichole has great wisdom in the givers/takers poll on people. Chat soon.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Hurts so good...I hate having to rip, but when it's over and you have all that beautiful yarn just waiting to be knitted, it's like a rebirth!

I need to get me some fiber friends. That looks like so much fun!


Oh a fun dye night! Wow the shoulders of the leaf pullover are SO slopey...strange pattern. What are you knitting for its reincarnation??

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