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Yeah for the big kid class! I am jealous that she can wear flip-flops to school. Our school has a policy of no sandals or crocs since there are wood chips on the playground. I have a conversation about shoes every Tues. and Thurs. morning....


Kev starts his preschool on Friday! Colt started 2nd grade today, and I'm about to do backflips (or would if I were more flexible and less chubby). Good luck with the web updates to the shop!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I never got the whole "bittersweet" part of school starting. To me, it's always been just sweet, sweet, sweet. I was that mom giggling over tea and cookies in the library on the first day of kindergarten, while all the other moms were crying and blowing their noses. I love my kids dearly. I also love sending them off to school to learn and play...and give me a break already!


What a way to start school....flip flops and a hand knit sweater, that girl has class like her mom! Mallory is getting big, can hardly wait until she "visits" the shop. Teri


Again I have to say your girls are cuties...
The project showing off makes me a bit jealous. You have photos to prove your progress. Mine are stuck in the camera awaiting the USB cord. Grrr..


CK looks so cute! She is wearing some of my favorite colorways :)
And look at you, you little fiend you, knit away, knit away.
and keep the pictures of Mallory coming, she is ridiculously cute, look at that face?!


Thanks again for hosting the dying class. I had a great time and now all I want to do is dye! Hope Campbell was able to calm down enough to sleep. She was sure a cutie and a big help!

Meghan from Beaverton

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