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Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oooo--cashmere. I've never had the pleasure of knitting it, but I do love those wristwarmers.

Those tiny socks are adorable. You should make some little mitts. I remember when my babies were new, I always had to put mitts on them to keep them from scratching their faces with their flailing arms (newborns have no muscle control).


I have been shoving his little (Big) feet into those bad boys too. Getting all the wear he can out of them. He has long feet and hands. I am working on downloading photos for the blog update. Rick is off tomorrow and the troops are back to school so I hope to post later tonight or in the morning.. YEAH!!


The book is actually Last Minute Knitted Gifts, not Weekend Knitting....picky picky.....yummy, yummy cashmere

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