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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the addi clicks. I am also hesitant and didn't want to buy them before hearing about people's actual experience with them. I just wish my birthday were closer... ;)

Your daughter is too cute! That face and that curl are precious!


This is yarnpusher signing in and giving the addi clicks 4 thumbs up!!! I love my clicks and have found them incredibly useful, even with my huge addi turbo collection! These needles are worth every penny.....and I have no idea what Sarah is talking about...ummm wait, maybe I did convince her to take home 9 sks of that venezia and those clicks. Oh yeah, that was me!


Am I officially on the list for the next order? I may have to make a few more obvious hints to the man of the house. But we all know how the yarn shop works. Buy + Don't tell= Wedded Knitting Bliss.. Mals is sooooooo cute.


I got a set of Clicks back in January and love, Love, LOVE them!


Malsie looks so proud of her mischief in that pic...so cute! I'm another "victim" of yarnpusher's addi click pushing, though everyone knows I'm pretty easy when it comes to yarn/needle purchases. :-) Now I'm just waiting for an Ashland Sky case to give my Clicks a more compact home.


Tempting!!!!! Can you buy extra cables for the addi Clicks??

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Hilarious picture!


I long for Addi Clicks. But I already have 2 sets of interchange-ables. Sigh. Maybe later in the year!

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