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I've been afraid to knit lace, actually; I'm so scared that I'll lose track of where I am. I have several lace patterns that I've just looked at.

However, after seening your fabulous shawl, I think I am tempted to take the risk.. using plenty of lifelines!

Machelle Dotson

Your Toe the line is Lovely! Your inspiring me to set some WIP's aside and work on mine!

Marsha Roberts

I am a fairly new knitter still learning the ropes. I was not aware of knitting lace, but your project is absolutely beautiful. I would love to try it sometime.


If only I had the mental capacity right now..... I would love to give lace a try. One of these days...,
Nice job Sarah, it's amazing!

Patricia, OM

Beautiful Sarah! I have this pattern, but have been scared to try it. Buuut...once I finish Botanica (on rnd.45) I'll be over to get some of the Addi Lace needles.
I'm curious to learn if knitting lace goes faster than tatting lace.

Jessica Davenport

A beautiful knit. I haven't yet worked up the courage to knit lace, but have been quite intrigued by it. Might have to give it a shot.


I think I'm ready to dive into something lace but I will definitely be going to the hairdresser to have some streaks of purple put in!!


I love lace! I find it soothing to have a level of concentration on my knitting that makes me mindful of every stitch, and who doesn't love the final product? Add that to the magic that is blocking lace, and you have a sure winner in my book!


I would love to try lace. Unfortunately the economy and my two young children (who won't leave my knitting on the needles) have conspired to keep me from lace for now.... :(


Lace is on my to-do list. I have no problem putting it into my socks, but a shawl just seems like such a big project...


> I LOVE lace - but I never seem to finish it. I've got 3 fabulous lace shawls on needles - and it's been that way forever


love lace but have trouble with keeping the stitch count correct.


I've started my first lace project and it was such a pain! I had to start over 10 times, literally. I would love another lace project in the queue!

Missy W

Lace terrifies me!! But I am almost ready to start a new project, and it sounds like a great one to tackle.


I love lace, but haven't knit much of it yet. I bought my first lace weight to make a scarf, and have about 1 inch done so far. However, I have some relatives in warm climates and am looking forward to doing some for them for next 'winter' (when it's 50 deg...)

Your shawl is beautiful, by the way!


I think I'm coming around to lace. I used to find it a huge slog but if the pattern is straightforward enough to memorize it can be meditative.

Your shawl is gorgeous!

Sarah W.

Recently got captivated by knitting lace. Couldn't be more addicted, especially with using nice charts. That is a gorgeous color!


Your shawl looks so beautiful and dainty! :-)

Lately, since the weather has been getting warmer here in San Diego, I've had an overwhelming desire to knit myself a nice, lacy cardigan or shawl. I recently completed a Textured Shawl for my mom, and would greatly love to knit a more advanced and lacy shawl in the near future. I figure if I read the pattern through carefully before I start, lace shouldn't be too fearful, right? (Well, at least I hope.)

Seanna Lea

I love knitting lace. I have a lace top in the works (from French Girl Knits).

Knitting lace makes me feel like an artist or a maestro. It's amazing what a few holes can do. Your Toe the Line is amazing. I haven't made that pattern, but I have been eyeing that one and Kiwassa. So beautiful!!

Stacey S.

I have never knitted lace and am intrigued. I am a challenge knitter. I love to conquer a pattern, so lace knitting is on my radar. You yarn colorway is awesome and I adore your shawl.


I love knitting lace! Recently I've gotten addicted to adding beads to my lace, whether the pattern calls for it or not. Your shawl is beautiful!


Slightly intimidated by lace. Will try one day though.

sarah s.

I love love love knitting lace. Your shawl is gorgeous and I love the color you dyed the yarn! I've been wanting to make a triangular shawl!


I love lace. I just finished a flutter scarf. A couple of my current projects are lace-ish as they have lots of eyelets. What color is your hair. I did my this week in UltraViolet and my husband keeps telling me if it looks blue or purple.


I like knitting lace, but I've stuck with worsted weight yarns so far, I like the look of chunkier lace. I'd love to try this yarn it's beautiful!


I have never knit lace, but it looks beautiful and I'm willing to give it a go and try something new :) You shawl is simply gorgeous!


Lace scares me! I cast on a shawl....with bamboo needles that I love. They are not the needles for lace. I got completely overwhelmed not far into the pattern. Was it the pattern? Was it the needles? Haven't tried it since.


This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm getting married in June and I love this pattern , hmm, wonderful if there is time. I love lace knitting , you have to pay attention, but I get so excited blocking it out, and seeing what it's turned into. Gorgeous pattern and yarn! Thanks for the contest, and the inspiration.


Ooooh! I have been wanting to try my hand at knitting lace. It's on my to do in 2009 list. I have had a difficult time finding lace weight yarn in my little 'one yarn shop' town. This is why I've waited so long. I'm going to need to order some soon if I want to beat the holiday gift timeline. Maybe I'll win (cough, cough)! :)

Super cute shawl. I may have found my inspiration...


I have done one lace project and you inspire me to do another.....that purple/silver Alpaca is killing me (love).


When I started knitting, it was all "big yarn" things. And then I got sucked into socks. And then into lace. How many triangle shawls do I (and my female relatives) need? Obviously more, as I can't stop buying beautiful yarn, finding the great pattern and casting on!

Paula F

I couldn't resist a class with Lucy Neatby entitled "The Allure of Lace". I took the class a few years ago and started buying yarn for lace and buying some books. I recently took a class with Amy Singer on lace. I have finished one shawl and started a lacy scarf. I do like knitting lace, but it can be hard to find the quiet, not-tired time to concentrate on it. Trying to knit lace with a deadline doesn't work for me. (I love purple)


I have fallen in love with knitting lace. It needs just the right amount of concentration for me to be able to forget any work/life niggles and you get such a beautiful project at the end. I love alpaca. I think alpaca shawls keep their blocking the best.


I've never tried lace before but it is beautiful. I think the charts look a little daunting but some mocha frap will set my mind to decoding. The colorway is gorgeous!


I find it addictive . I am a bit unsure tostart , but once I have knitted that first row I don't want to put it down , I dream about knitting it . Then the best part , blocking . My peice of crumbled knitting becomes beautiful. So I guess I love lace but I don't do enough.

Eileen Philp

I have always wanted to try lace knitting so please put my name into your drawing. Thank you


it turned out lovely!
I really like to knit lace, it goes great with the obsessive part of me.
and it feels like flirting with danger... i never use lifelines. ;)


I've done one lace shawl and had a blast and am ready to try again. Please count me in the contest!


So far I've knit a couple of lace dish cloths and a very simple scarf. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have the adamas shawl pattern tucked away...am a bit hesitant to do it, plus need to find a yarn I like and can afford. And I love the color your dyed your yarn. Your shawl is beautiful!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

My mom taught me how to knit many years ago, but I have never done any lace knitting...I think it's about time I started;) It looks so lovely and delicate;)


That's beautiful! I've actually never knit with lace but I'm always trying to learn new things so I would love to win!


I have practised lace, but never actually DONE lace - would love to give your combo of beautiful pattern and purple-power colour a go!


After doing my Swallowtail Shawl, I'm now firmly addicted to lace!


What a lovely colour this yarn has! As for lace knitting, I've been hardly knitting anything non-lace recently, and I absolutely love it.


I have just started my first lace project, and so far am loving it. I'm knitting the Ulmus shawl, and while most of the body isn't lace, the edging is. I'm looking forward to that! Lace is exciting!

Tammy Ozuna

Who could resist the rhythmic patterns and the flow of the drape, it's more than great.

Favorites in Ravelry and bookmarks on my shelves, for me they wait

Thread-like yarn with all its grace, what's to hate.

The patterns coveted and collected are too numerous to state.

But alas, my needles still wait.


I've only knit lace once and that was for a hat. There was of course a few rows that had to be ripped back and it took the extra time, but it is by far my favorite knit piece I ever made. I would love to win this, that yarn is gorgeous, I love the color!

Kitten With A Whiplash

There are no lace wearers in my current circle of knitting recipients (I'm a guy, friends all guys, Mom doesn't wear lace), but I'm getting quite interested in learning a new skill. Winning this would not only give me the incentive to learn lace knitting, but also to meet someone new to gift my lace to.


I have never knitted lace and have wanted to. I have been knitting for about 4 years. Lace just seems so scary, but I am hoping to try. I love your beautiful shawl. The color is just yummy. thank you

One Sheep

I've never tried lace. Like so many others, I'm intimidated. No matter that the pattern writer says it's an "easy knit", or the LYS clerk says that a walrus could knit this on it's tusks with one flipper tied behind his back, blindfolded. I believe them... I don't doubt the walrus's abilities, just my own. That said, do you think it's time I took the plunge? If so, draw my name.

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