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I love the look of lace. I think it's so cool that using just knits/purls/yo's you can make pictures in your knitting. Unfortunately that requires concentration and I have none lately! (3 kids ages 2-8 yrs...bah)


I love knitting lace! I haven't done as much as I'd like (haven't done enough of EVERYTHING I want to do ;), but there is, as you mentioned, such a motivating factor about it. You just want to keep knitting and watching the pattern appear. So magical!
I love your shawl!


I love knitting lace, I really enjoy the simple focus that it forces me to have. I haven't learned the fine art of blocking lace yet. Your shawl is lovely. Enjoy it. g


I'm knitting a garter stitch shawl right now, and I am determined that my next shawl will be a lace one!

I've knitted lace socks, but never something big like a shawl. Gulp.

(Yours is just exquisite!)

sue c

I love knitting lace and have very much enjoyed the mystery shawl knitalongs I've encountered. My only real problem is that I have trouble matching beads to lace- I pick ones which look great next to a hank of yarn but then blend in too much in the knitted lace so it's more subtle than I intended.


Your hair and your shawl go well together!

I love knitting lace. I jumped feet first into my first lace project a few years ago with a black alpaca yarn from K1C2. It turned out great. Then my wonderful husband did the laundry and for some reason grabbed the scarf. It is now slightly felted. I recovered and we had a talk about never washing the handknits.

Lorie Konopka

Lace knitting is like eating fine chocolates or drinking fine wine... You can (almost) never ever get enough!!!


i just started knitting in november. i have made a couple hats, a scarf, a bravo bag (to learn cabling), socks, and i just started making a sweater. next up is a tank top. i have never tried making lace before, but it is on the list of things i want to learn. i'd love to win that beautiful yarn!


I like lace and think I could really love it with some more time and practice.


I've only been knitting since November and frankly, lace scares my socks off! But it sure would be fun to try my hand at it. :) The color certainly looks beautiful and your shawl is gorgeous!


I have only knit one lace scarf - but I enjoyed it very much. I plan on doing more right after I get all of the baby knits done. The scarf was a gift and I still regret that I didn't keep it!


I go in phases with lace. Sometimes they projects are so BIG that I don't want to commit to taking one on. I love the smaller size of this shawl, though! So much more wearable!


I have recently returned to knitting and been inspired to take on many new things...my first turned heel, my first cable, my first shaping. I've been ogling some lovely lace yarn in the stores but haven't got the nerve up to try it out. But that purple is ravishing so would love to give it a whirl.


Beautiful shawl, Sarah! I'm surprised Nichole's not wearing it!


Lace is magic. It's complicated, but not slow (those holes!). It looks like crap, then you block it and it's heaven.


Terrified of lace!...but I will try and try and practice anything knitting until I get it. :)

Jane Newman

Have knitted lace socks, a simple lace scarf, but have frogged a more complicated one multiple times. Not to self *learn to do a Lifeline!*


Love lace knitting; can't get enough! Very nice job on your shawl.


If I'm not too late, please add me into the drawing. I've been wanting to knit with lace.

Lindsey Rose

I really love knitting lace. I think it's the thrill of blocking that does it for me- it looks like a weird little shape, and then all of the sudden you have a beautiful, graceful shawl which you never believed in- the entire time you were knitting it you were thinking- this is NOT going to be what I expect it to, this is going to be too small, too ugly, too weird. And it's always beautiful.

Natasha Templeton

Not sure if my comment from yesterday was posted correctly but I am presently knitting my first lace project and love the way it looks so far. Would enjoy trying my hand on another project.


With its rhythmic patterns and luscious drape, what’s to hate,

Single and double stranded yarns of feathered weight,

Favorites in Ravelry and bookmarks on my shelves, which one will be my fate,

A pattern and yarn must be the right mate,

A decision must be made before it’s too late,

I need lace on my needles so that I can rate,

To be a lace knitter would indeed be great!

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