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Chantal B

You're right... doesn't look nice. The yarn is too beautiful for that project. Curious, I went through Ravelry after have read your post. It's seems that a lot of the knitters made some changes on the pattern. It's too bad to choose a non perfect pattern for a front page magazine! And I understand you to keep going although you felt it wasn't right. I do the same... You have my sympathy! Tell yourself that your next project won't need you to take money from your wallet!


If you look at the Knitting Daily gallery for the sweater you can see that it isn't anywhere near as fitted as the photo in the magazine: http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/26156.aspx

That is really disappointing.


Bummer, Sarah. I'm glad you finally decided to rip it so it won't sit and taunt you. Thanks for trying this before me - I'm wiping it out of my queue. Now I need to pick a new sweater for my Paula yarn too!

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