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Janice Willy

I did not have the desire to knit socks and thought it was one knitting item I'd never do. At the KAH Christmas knit night, my gift was the yarn and pattern for socks that Nicole was teaching a class. Since I had the materials, signed up for the class. Oh what fun I had!!! As the shape of the sock started to form the more exciting it was. And then the heel was formed - makes me giggle thinking about how exciting that was!


I've tried socks a bunch of times and completed my first pair last Christmas. I haven't mastered sock yarn yet and used worsted weight yarn for the completed socks but I'm eager to keep trying. The book looks awesome!


I've been knitting socks for about 2 years but avoided toe-up until very recently. So far I haven't like the fit as well as my top-down socks. Maybe this is the book to solve my fit problems!

Helle "Gracie" Berry

I have two pairs of toe-up socks on the needle (TAAT) that I have stopped at the heel. I have been knitting socks since 1980, why oh why do I not get the heel part?
GracieB on Ravelry

One Sheep

I've only done a few pairs of socks, though they may not be considered recognizable by that name. I tend to be very rough on socks, and so far I haven't regretted it when my handmade ones wear out. I want to knit a pair that is too beautiful to wear! For that I need a guru like Chrissy to show me the way. Every review I've read has convinced me further that this is the book for me.


I was wondering if the entire book was short row heels... :o)

Sharon Gilman

I have been knitting socks for about 2 years. They have all been cuff down. The very first pair I tryed to make was a toe up. My LYS owner was helping me. Guess I took too long getting to the heel turn, because by the time I went back, the store was gone. So I now I still have a half sock. One of these days I will try to finish it. May have to frog and start over, but still want to do toe up.

Susan aka paintermom

I love sock knitting! I have wanted to learn toe-up for a long time. I hope I win the book to help me on my way.

Thanks for the inspiring photos.


I'm currently knitting my very first pair of sock. I'm a somewhat new knitter (about a year, and have more scarves than I know what to do with)so I thought I'd give socks a try. I remember the first time that I saw somebody knitting socks, I thought..there isn't a chance in the world I'd be caught knitting those..well, the time has come and I think I could easily be HOOKED ON SOCKS! Learning to toe-up would be so wonderful.

Pittsburgh, PA


Sock knitting is one of my favorite types of knitting projects. I'm all for top-down tops and toe-up knitting. It just makes more sense. Wish there were more patterns designed that way.

monkalicious on Ravelry

Mary Reynolds

I decided to knit my first pair of toe-up socks for the Knitting Olympics. I can't decide whether to try two at once,too.

Jo Anne

As soon as I heard about this book I wanted it. Thanks.


I love to knit socks (3 pairs are currently being worked on...) and always have one in my bag for moments of Zen when waiting in lines or when the train breaks down (like it did this morning). I'm still less confident than I'd like to be with the toe-up variety, though.

Dawn Fauver

I'm new to crocheting & knitting. those socks look great!! I would love to be able to make something like that but of course I dont have enough skill or confidence in myself YET. :) LOVE THEM.


i am new to sock knitting so would love to have this book

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