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I can't believe how cute that looks~!?! I too, wrote that pattern off as a yuck, but you look terrific in it!


You are so stylish! I normally wouldn't think the chunky knits would work outside the magazine but it looks good!


Wow I LOVE this - it looks so cosy! Definitely adding this to the queue!


Big AND Cute and warm, to boot! Get it? Boot? Cuz you're wearing boots? I really like the way it turned out, tho'! That would be a great choice for the Knit Olympics, wouldn't it?


It looks great! And you pictures make me wish I had a way to visit your store!


That looks awesome on you! And Oh. My. God. I love your boots.

Rozlin Jane

I have a question about the yoke. I'm very new to the knitting world, and this mega big, you said it right, cardi vest is my first large piece.

The problem is, I've finished the yoke twice, and pulled it out twice. it comes out shaped like a z, when I know it should be U shaped, from referring to the diagram on the pattern. I think the problem is happening when I increase 19 sts.

I know it is very had for you to tell, but I was hoping you might have a clue where a beginner would go wrong.

I'm also frustrated having to decrese on ribbing. it looks horrible!

thanks for anything you can offer.



I'm knitting this vest. But I have a question about the york. After working the 1st 2 rows in k1, p1 rib (27 sts), there is an increase 1 st in the 3rd row after working 18 sts and then rib to end. My question is how you work the row after that? Seems thats not k1, p1 anymore. I'm very appreciate if you can share with me. Thank you very much.

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