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Wow, they're all fabulous! I'm working on finishing up a pair of socks that has taken me almost a year. They should be done tonight if I get off the computer! Next on the needles will be some sort of scarf with some Koigu my husband bought for me on a visit to Toronto, and a Lily cardigan for me. I knit slowly, so may not finish that until NEXT winter!


Wowza! I love that first pic and have promised myself to do more colorwork this year...
Currently I'm working on the Mix & Match Rib socks from Chrissy Gardiner's Toe Up! book--the bamboo rib ones.


Still working on a FLS for me. Might be done by Feb of 2012 at this rate! Those sock patterns are awesome!

Kelly T

A lovely blue-green clapotis... And at my current pace, it should be done just in time for summer 2011!!!


Baby knits! Lord, there are gorgeous babies everywhere in my life right now, and every one of them deserves a little handknit goodie from moi. (Just finished 'Summer Chills cardi- great pattern.) I'm also tapping my toes with impatience waiting for Ms. Kapur (of Through The Loops) to begin her mystery sock-a-long on October 1st!

Melanie Reaves

Love the socks! I'm working on an entrelac bag, pattern by Mavis Davis. I just took a class on it and I love it! It's even better that I learned to reverse knit :)


My baby girl is coming to visit us at the end of October...I'm currently working on a rambling rows blanket for her...hopefully I can get it done before she comes :)

Jeanine Dixon

I'm such a loser that I am still working on my afghan :) just finished my (ahem)second square. I might get it done by the time Josh leaves for college :)
Miss you lady!


I'm finishing my reversible cable, Casey, wrap that I am donating to the library auction. Then I get to start my shawlette from a great designer that we all know.

teri byrne

I've been crocheting "PRAYER SHAWLS" this early fall season.
They build so quickly and look so lovely*
Many family members and friends of mine are struggling with their health this year.
AH......so I found the perfect way to HUG THEM!!!
After knitting for so many years, it took a minute to remember how to crochet, but it's been wonderful :-)
But, hey, it's sock season, so sure:::::::I would LOVE to win those patterns!


Lovely sock patterns! I've been knitting a scarf from oh-so-soft Malabrigo laceweight in a denim colorway, and finishing up a cotton baby sweater. So happy fall is here!

Karin Pike

love those socks. Especially the color work ones.

I'm working on a log cabin baby blanket for a friend of mine.

Julie U

That's a lot of sock patterns! Currently I'm finishing up a Squirrel Sampler mitten, then I'm hoping to finish the Lapis Yoke sweater from the recent KnitScene in time for it's need. Then hopefully I'll be choosing sock patterns to knit. :)

Eva S

Yeah! Sock it to me baby!!

With my fabulous timing my present project is a summer top - Inammorata from Knitty.com. At least it should be finished by next summer.


i am working on a bunch of things but right now i am finished up a hat for a friend's birthday and am starting a challenge with my friend to knit everything in ysolda's whimsical little knits 2. :)


Nearly finished with sock #2 of "Francie", a most engaging pattern: http://bowerbirdknits.blogspot.com/2008/02/francie_29.html
Need to free up those needles in time for the purlaway Bohus workshop next weekend!


I am finishing up my Valencia Top for Oregon Flock and Fiber. 2 rows to go and setup for the show is tomorrow! Next I am going to work on sample top-down mitts during the show and then baby sweaters for baby X after that!


Oooh lovely sock patterns.

I am currently working on an Evie cardigan by Kim Hargreaves for my daughter.


Working on a Sirdar baby sweater (nuff said), a pair of socks, and test-knitting a pi shawl for a friend in yummy blue alpaca/silk that I get to keep!

Machelle Dotson

Ironically I am working on several socks right now ans have a few more in the wings! I want to sneak a sweater in very soon and felted slippers for the significant other for Christmas. Love the socks you posted, especially the white one and all the cable... Yum!


I'm working on a giraffe for my son (WAY outside my comfort zone!), a cowl (a little outside my comfort zone) and a pair of leg warmers each for my two daughters (easy, peasy!). Thanks for the great giveaway! I will be sure to find time to knit myself a pair of socks (or five!) if I win this loot!


Loving the coming of fall. I am creating my own colorwork fall socks, with leaves.


- making Rainy Day socks (Bluegirl Knits) for my boyfriend's sister
- Lisa Ellis Designs Super Bulky Vest using Malabrigo Rasta
- wip Vogue's caplet with beads
- wip Log Cabin Blanket

Sandy Reilly

It is GREAT to see you at the keyboard again. I am blaming the lapse on carpal tunnel :)
The sock patterns are inspiring- great Christmas gift ideas.
I am working on the Madeline Tosh tea leaves cardigan and Blue Sky Alpaca suri fingerless mittens and Ribbed Cardigan in Cascade Rustic and .................on and on and on.

Lindsey Bivens

I can't wait to be sitting with a hot cup of cocoa spinning some beautiful yarn as my feet move the pedals... snug with a beautiful pair of socks made from one of the many patterns. Oh yeah... I can see it now!


Oh how beautiful! I Luv knittin' sox!


I'm just finishing Maia, a shawl. Next up, finishing some socks I started earlier this year with my own hand-dyed.

Chris Pugsley

Baby hat's and baby sock's... seems there are many addition's to the herd due in the next couple of month's


Why yes, I DO like those patterns! The colorwork one is stunning and I also really like the twisted stitch one.

I'm finishing a scarf I started LAST fall and put down, and planning some new sock projects. I also need to get started on a fall sweater for my son.


I have a shawl that is about half done that needs to be finished for a wedding in 3 weeks. I also need to get to work on some baby booties for several showers that are coming up very quickly! My knitting mojo is just now returning after being gone all summer. Yay!


I'm knitting anything and everything! My current focus is on socks- a pair of Cottys, Galena Socks, and I'll be starting a pair of TTL Mystery Socks for Socktoberfest. I'm so glad it's fall!! :D

Missy W

This week is the first taste of fall for me--down to the 50's at night and upper 70's in the morning. I am SO happy fall is finally here! The cooler weather was all the motivation I needed to finish 3 sweaters. They were all knit, but I needed to weave in ends and block. Done!!


I'm trying my hand at my first toe-up sock. It's not going very well. I've pulled it out twice now -- too big with the same number of stitches as my cuff down socks. I've dropped down to size 0 Addi lace needles and am trying to alter the toe a bit. We'll see. Other things I'm working on - baby blanket, a Wallaby baby sweater, and the Hapi Wrap. Also, have a beautiful purple roving on the wheel.


Those Sock patterns are so inspiring...I'm new to socks and oh how I love knitting them. The patterns look just beautiful.


Oh gosh, I'm knitting a ton of stuff now that the weather is changing... the latest one I am starting is the Fighead Drosten cap, and finishing a super chunky alpaca beanie (generic head huggers pattern). But I am also knitting about 3 different socks and they are all generic sock patterns. I'm now looking for some more complicated and fun sock patterns to keep me on my toes (pun intended)!


Amazing! I'm working on my first toe-up socks. Football season is knitting season in this house. He watches the game and I churn out a sock.

Leah ;0)

I absolutely love those blue and pink socks, the detail if awesome!

Michelle Cochrane

I really need to learn to knit socks...want to try the Magic Loop method, as DPN are not my favorite thing to use.

Dana Mills

Love these beautiful sock patterns, I am working on 2 baby blankets, a small blanket for my DD, a pillow cover for another DD and a beautiful autumn color afghan for a wedding present.


I'm knitting a ribbed sock right now because they are addicting. Can't wait to knit many more.


Love the sock patterns.

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