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I love knitting by the fire and hearing the rain plonking on the chimney - fabulous!


My fall knitting queue has grown ridiculously long... I LOVE fall and winter knitting! Working on toddler overalls Huck Finn style right now. Up next, my first sweater!


I love fall knitting for Halloween and getting a jump-start on Christmas.


I love fall knitting because it allows me to feel productive while staying warm and dry!


I like to bring my knitting where I go. I love knitting scarves that my nieces and nephews love to wear of their school colors. I love to have a hot cup of cider near by as I knit.


Fall knitting is so wonderful because of the excitement and ever-newness of cooler weather. It makes that very first fall project SO important. Thank you for this fun giveaway!

Brenda Giger Pflum

Looks like a GREAT eBook :) Really Love the Legwarmers.


It's dark early in the Fall, so it's a great time to be indoors knitting. This is when the richer colors get pulled out of the stash. I love the colors of your collection!


I love the colors of fall, knitting while it's raining outside.

Sharon G., Ore.

Fall knitting is time for knitting mittens, hats, leg warmers.....everything for warmth.


Fall knitting is the best...I can do my 2 most favorite things simultaneously: Knitting and watching football!

Those legwarmers are fabulous!

Sandy Reilly

Fall is a great knitting time because all of the designers (like Nichole) release such inspiring designs. Between gift knitting and the inspiring designs, I can't cast on fast enough in the fall.

Rachel Crowder

I heart Fall knitting!! Because as things cool down there is nothing like getting cozy with snuggly delicious fibers. I also love Nichole's new designs they are once again brilliant and innovative.


Cup of tea and amazing yarn are best in the fall!


wow what super designs! the thing i love about fall knitting is that i can wear the items i knit right after i make them..i knit fall items year round so knitting a sweater in the summer can be abit sweaty :)and there is something so inspirational about the crisp air and the changing leaves


There's nothing better than knitting when the temperatures cool and I have a cozy knit on my lap. The patterns in this book look great, can't wait to check them out.


What a great ebook and the yarn looks stunning too! Can't wait to knit up one of the cozy vests!! Looks perfect for fall!
Thanks for the giveaway


I love fall knitting. My favorite colors and a cup of tea. It's in the air. Nichole is so talented.


What better way to keep warm in the winter than curled up under a blanket or other large knitting project that is currently being knit. :) Warm cup of Tea, Warm yarn, and something to do inside when the weather is less than pleasant outside.

Sherry Williams

I love to knit in the fall because the temperature here in Texas, where I live,
finally drops below 100 and I can sit outside and knit. Just me and my dachsund....
Sherry W.


My favourite thing about autumn is walking home, scuffing my way through rustling crimson leaves and breathing the crisp cold sea air, knowing that when I get in, I'll snuggle up on the settee with a cup of steaming tea and my latest knitting project.


I like that it's finally cool enough to knit something bigger than a sock. In the heat of the summer I can't stand the heat of anything in my lap. I also love sipping my coffee and tea while I knit!


Fall is my favorite time of year. I love breaking out all of my scarves, hats, & fingerless mitts; knitting sweaters and blankets. The smell of fresh baked pumpkin in my kitchen holding the possiblity of pies, cookies, cakes, & bread. And, the awesomeness of the changing colors... yellow, oranges, and reds. What could be more beautiful?


Your knits are beautiful!

Carolyn Schultz

I love fall knitting because of the colors, the lucious warmer wools, the cool weather that just begs for knitting to be worn or made, and of course, all the people that think its weird to be knitting in the summer now jealous because knits are in!

Heather M.

I love to open the door to have a cool breeze while snuggling under a blanket on the couch knitting.


what LOVELY patterns and the color of the yarn is so rich...Welcome to fall for sure!


I love knitting in the fall, because it gives me a chance to tackle those large scale projects I have been putting off because of the heat! I live in a NYC apartment on the 3rd floor with only a window unit to keep me cool. Sweaters and afghans are definitely put away for the summer.


Fall colors - I knit them all year long. As a former redhead (now gray!) autumn colors are what I wear. And my birthday is right before Halloween so Oct. is very special. I live in Western NY state where autumn leaves can take your breath away. A brisk walk in crunching leaves following my own plume of breath in the cold fresh air along the Niagara River is a daily autumnal regime. Love this designer and her rich color choices.


I love fall knitting because fall just calls for warm cozy hand knit items. I get too warm knitting in the summertime.

K Stens

Fall knitting is all about anticipating how snuggly the knitted item will be in the dark of winter!


autumn knitting is my kind of knitting because of the colors and materials and being able to wear the knits as soon as they're finished.
thanks for this chance to win!


I love fall knitting because I can finally work on the large projects I've been drooling on all summer: afghans knit in one piece, seamless sweaters. Mmmmm, warm knitting on my lap!

PS Love the shawl, the hat and the mitts!

April Morgan

what a great contest! i love fall knitting because it's finally not too hot to have a lap full of wool! :D


I love fall knitting because it is so cozy to knit while it is stormy and cool outside. Those are some great designs!


I love the fact it is stockpile time and I "have to" knit only malabrigo :) :)


I love fall knitting! I love making a cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate -- whatever mood strikes me. I love the way the light looks on the colored leaves at the golden time. I love that it's not hot but it's not too cold yet and I can knit and crochet and feel like I have a purpose -- I can feel it in my bones.

Maria Giordano

Fall knitting is the absolute best because you can relax with a candle and a cup of tea and just knit for hours! It also helps that once you're done, you can wear it and not have to wait for the weather!

Devin F

I love being able to knit with wool and not being hot anymore. (although its 85 here, so its still hot)

Lori White

Fall knitting is when you can sit by the fire enjoying the warmth and smells, candlelight, and a cup of tea.


I just love curling up on the sofa with my family and my knitting and keeping warm and cozy.

Aaron Dahl

I love sitting listening to the wind and the clack of needles while you are toasty warm and watch the day pass as the work grows.

Karen G.

Fall knitting is great because your project keeps your lap warm! The Harvest patterns look very warm and cozy. And I DO need a new pair of legwarmers... :)


I love knitting and thinking about wrapping up everyone in love and coziness! It's even better if there is something yummy baking in the kitchen!


I love the colors and crisp air, apples, pumpkins, and the chance to knit with thick yarn to keep me warm. I cannot forget that this is the time of year for festivals and food!


Watching the leaves change color inspires me to knit with a different color palette than I usually do. The crisp air reminds me to finish all of those half-knit sweaters to keep me warm!


I love to knit in the fall with a cup of tea or coffee and maybe a pumpkin muffin :)


There's something so cozy about knitting in autmn - the weather turning cool, and often wet and windy too. The darker evenings and a project on my needles are what it's all about.


I love fall because it cools off enough for me to work on big projects like my boyfriends sweater. I sit down with the yarn and needles and have my cats cuddle right up to me. It is the season I am at my calmest.


Fall is my favorite time of the year. In addition to the wonderful color changes and cooler temperatures my DH and I celebrate our anniversary (28 years this year) and my birthday is later this month. Oh, and I love being able to wear some of the my knitting again. Hope I win!

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