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Ha, ha, ha, ha...great story, Sarah! Not a serial knitter here, but I have knit the same thing more than once on a few occasions. Agree that socks don't count.

Kris Sullivan

The only serial knitting I have done is with super chunky yarn for hats that took less than 2 hours for Christmas presents and those scarves with the special yarn that knit up in less than an hour. Otherwise every project is new or I would get bored. Love the story about your mom and aunt!

barbara wright

Once you knit your first pair of socks you are addicted to doing that and I am guilty of being addicted to doing that. I have yet to knit something twice other than socks but I must might in the future.

janice t

I have a difficult time convincing myself to knit the second sock. Thanks for rebooting the blog!

Reta Bray

My mom was an identical twin also, and they too had times when they would choose the same wrapping paper for Xmas gifts (separated by 2,000 miles), or show up dressed in the same color and style of dress. Definitely on the same wave length! Congratulations on getting through 4 socks - that would be hard for me!

Denise Rehse Watson

I have a favorite tam/beret pattern I've knit for most of my (Outlander-crazed) friends...and losing count on the number of pussyhats, lol!


I serial knit all of the time. I think that sometimes I'm just not ready for a project to end, so I cast it on again right away. Halfway through the second my attention starts to fade, though. I've been trying to avoid this by casting on projects that are similar, like shawls by the same designer or socks with the same technique, instead of identical.

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