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You can come over and have a drink on the deck and listen to the chirp of our rainbirds any time, Sarah. I kid you not, we did this yesterday evening. Oh, and I had my coffee outside this morning - so lovely.


I love to knit outside with a nice cold IPA and listen to the birds. I am not much of a summer person, I like fires, favorite blankets, and hand knit sweaters!


I live in beautiful Rovereto, Italy. So I am very fortunate to be able to sit out on my balcony that overlooks vineyards surrounded by the tall mountain peaks of the Dolomites and knit. And of course I have my mug of cappuccino. I am knitting baby sweater, hat and booties for my neighbor whose baby is due in July.


Summer for me means enjoying Margaritas, eating outside, playing in the dirt (while planting my flower pots:)). Taking a long walk or a long stroll on my paddle board. Hearing the birds in the morning singing as I lay in bed and listen. I love the sound of balls hitting bats at the ball field and just listening to all the sounds around the neighborhood while I sit and relax on my patio.

Sarah D.

Summer is just the best. It's what we wait for the rest of the year. Margaritas, knitting in the sun, on the back deck, at the beach with our feet in the sand!😎

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