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Dani Lawson

I love the colors!


Sitting on the back deck with my sweetie and a cool beverage. Works for summer mornings with coffee or a smoothie too! In fact, I may or may not be writing this comment while doing just that!

Maryann Gonzales

Lovely color combination!!

Robyn B

Beautiful cowl! Looks challenging

Connie Miller

I love these colors.

Marti M

Relaxing on my back deck with a cold beverage, a knitting project, and my husband serenading me with his ukulele :)

Sarah Mulholland

I love my original EDB! As for HH, right now it’s sitting out back on the patio in the sun with a G&T and my knitting.

Jenn Wald

My "happy hour" happens once everyone is fed and in bed. It always involves a beverage but that's usually tea or sparkly water. Sometimes I whoop it up with a bottle of cider or a glass of wine. I settle down in the living room, prop my feet up and art. (We all say craft, but it really is art if you think about it.) That could mean my sketchpad so that I can sketch out the pots I'm planning to throw, but lately it means knitting away on my latest blackhole. (Otherwise known as a garter stitch shawl).

Michelle smith

Gorgeous!! The bib is cute, too!

Alice Monroe

This looks amazing and fun to make!

Amber Smith

Ideally, I would relax with knitting and an audiobook. ;-)

Lori White

I like to relax by watching TV, knitting, and enjoying the company of my cats sitting on my lap.

Jenn Zumbaum

I enjoy a glass of wine & being able to relax :)

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